Today, healthcare providers are seeking solutions tailored to a marketplace increasingly accountable for the care delivered to patients. As health care providers seek to improve transition of care, optimize management of chronic diseases, and reduce risk and costs, focus is on the patient as a critical partner in the successful achievement of these goals.

As a patient service provider, we consider ourselves a partner in this process too. TPS leads the way in the development and implementation of innovative patient support technology designed to increase patient engagement and deliver the provider efficiencies needed to drive solid improvement in healthcare metrics.

TPS AssureCare™ was built with a defining vision: to provide our customers with the effective solutions they need to support adherence and achieve the desired outcomes with greater assurance.  Our unique platform enables the transfer of information directly to and from patients and providers, resulting in expedited processes, and opportunity for improved outcomes and enhanced patient satisfaction.

TPS AssureCare Solutions Deliver:

  • Interface Development and Design
  • Innovative patient assistance portals with integrated patient support
  • Web Design and Mobile Application Development
  • E-Commerce Fulfillment System Support, Development, and Hosting
  • Custom Reporting and Analytics
  • EDI Management


Increase Your Patient’s Resource Connectivity – TPS AssureCare™ communication platform has the power to connect patients with needed support, including websites, call centers, and community resources, improving a patient’s chances for success with treatment and increasing the return on investment for these valuable resources. 

Deliver More Engaging and Effective Patient Education – TPS PREP™ (Patient Resource Education Platform) platform can turn individual patient assessments into personalized patient education that addresses specific patient needs.  Patient engagement is increased and comprehension is validated via testing and rewards.

Communication Support for a “Safe Journey” - AssureCare™ algorithm-driven architecture can deliver information and deploy surveys designed to identify specific patient issues.  For example if a patient need is identified – whether through an IVR phone survey, web portal, or medical monitoring device, the AssureCare™ system can transfer the call, or send an IVR call, e-mail, text message, or fax – in real time – to a caregiver or healthcare provider for immediate action.

Web Portals Helping Humans Deliver Better Care – While we recognize healthcare is a “people business”, we develop technology to help bridge the gap between the cost-stressed health system and a growing patient demand.  TPS designs web portals and other support technology that increase connectivity between patients, their providers, and their family and caregivers.  Our portals also serve as a central point of contact for care transition services, patient education, and other support services.