Patients are People First - Research confirms “patient engagement” is a major determinant of positive health outcomes. The healthcare system expects individuals to regard themselves as patients, and be engaged, active participants in their care over long periods of time. TPS understands that most of the time individuals see themselves, not as patients, but as people.

Educate, Motivate, Engage – Patient engagement requires a patient understand the value of their medication and its role in their treatment. We recognize that a significant change in one’s health, such as a hospitalization or new diagnosis or medication, is a valuable opportunity to provide patients with the necessary knowledge and skills for long-term success. These are the opportunities GoodPatient™ leverages to build a foundation for ongoing patient engagement.

Reward a Healthy Start with Prescribed Medication - A comprehensive approach to reward healthy behaviors - with emphasis on the proper use of medication, validated comprehension of health education, and active participation in programs designed to improve outcomes - is the backbone of our GoodPatient™ platform.

GoodPatient™ rewards help increase the value of learning about the important role of medication in the patient’s care plan, and fosters active patient engagement with support programs, both of which lead to improved success with initiation of therapy and better long term adherence. GoodPatient™ integrated social media capabilities create a sense of community and can foster friendly competition.

Value is Subjective - Rewards are extremely flexible and can be presented in a wide range of forms including gift cards, debit cards, discounts and coupons, and more. They can also include specific healthcare incentives including health premium rebates, health account contributions (HSA, FSA, HRA), or special health privileges. We also can work with our customers to construct custom reward type giving complete freedom and flexibility to insure rewards offered are truly valued.

Seamless Integration Working Together for Your Patients – Through our modular software design, our PREP™ education module and AssureCare™ communication platform are fully integrated with GoodPatient™.

Need Driven, EMR Ready - GoodPatient™ content and activities can be delivered based on the participant’s need. Patients can input their own information, providers can assign content and activities based on a needs assessment, or content can be driven by diagnosis data through a direct link to an EMR system.