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EY announces Transition Patient Services President and CEO Christopher Di Lascia named EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2016 Medical Services Award winner in Greater Philadelphia

TREVOSE, PA – June 10th, 2016 – EY today announced that Dr. Christopher Di Lascia, Pharm.D of Transition Patient Services, a pharmacy distribution and patient engagement services company, received the Greater Philadelphia EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2016 Award for Medical S...

Mission Pharmacal relaunches Lithostat

SAN ANTONIO — Mission Pharmacal announced Friday that it would be relaunching its Lithostat (acetohydroxamic acid) kidney stones treatment. The reintroduction comes as part of a partnership with a French company that supplies the drug’s active ingredients and a distribution arrangement with specialty supplier Transition Patient Services.


Akrimax Pharmaceuticals Initiates CONTROL Patient Registry for Tirosint®

Akrimax Pharmaceuticals partners with TPS on the CONTROL Registry to improve patient care. The study will assess the efficacy and tolerability of Tirosint® (levothyroxine sodium) capsules in hypothyroidism patients who are inadequately controlled with, or intolerant of, traditional levothyroxine (T4) tablets.


FDA Approves SYNERA® (lidocaine and tetracaine) Topical Patch for Home Use

As part of SYNERA®’s availability for home use, Galen US has partnered with Transition Patient Services (TPS) to offer direct-to-patient home delivery of the product through the SYNERA® Now Access Program (SNAP). A health care professional can fax or e-prescribe a prescription for SYNERA® to TPS. The patient will then be contacted by a TPS pharmacist for processing and delivery information. After the call, TPS will mail SYNERA® directly to the patient.


Transition Patient Services Announces Joint Development Agreement with with iMPak Health

Transition Patient Services Announces Joint Development Agreement with with iMPak Health  Neptune, New Jersey, August 5th, 2013 —iMPak Health, a subsidiary of Meridian Health, today announced a joint development agreement with Transition Patient Services (TPS) for comprehensive, integ...

Transition Patient Services to Support Underwood-Memorial Hospital Implementation of Care Transition Services

TREVOSE, PA – Transition Patient Services (TPS) has been selected by Underwood-Memorial Hospital, Woodbury, NJ, to help support the design and implementation of the hospital’s transition of care system. Underwood Memorial Hospital has been awarded a two-year, $300,000 grant from the R...

HIV/AIDS patient assistance foundation HarborPath teams up with TPS for the design, development, and ongoing operation of a innovative medication access system for underserved patients.

TPS Creates a Single Portal for HarborPath to Provide Uninsured Individuals Improved Access HIV/AIDS Medications   Washington, DC – July 19, 2012 – HarborPath, a new, non-profit organization, has been established to create a program that offers a single place for application...