Transition Patient Services Announces Joint Development Agreement with with iMPak Health

Transition Patient Services Announces Joint Development Agreement with with iMPak Health 

Neptune, New Jersey, August 5th, 2013 —iMPak Health, a subsidiary of Meridian Health, today announced a joint development agreement with Transition Patient Services (TPS) for comprehensive, integrated care management solutions. The initial areas of joint development are focused on Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and overall Medication Compliance.  iMPak Health’s devices and TPS’s interactive platform will create offerings that bring patient generated data into an actionable clinical workflow. 

“We are excited to partner with iMPak Health in developing innovative, patient focused solutions” says Chris Di Lascia, Pharm. D. President of TPS.  “Both our companies share a strategic vision of enhancing patient care through the integration of low cost, seamless technology into the care process that enables patients and professional caregivers to actively manage health and assure better outcomes across a range of chronic medical conditions more cost-effectively.”

TPS will integrate its AssureCare communication management platform with iMPak Health devices to deliver a proactive patient management capability that includes algorithm driven patient education, reminders and support. In addition, iMPak and TPS are working with a nationally-known data integrator so that the process of care, the data captured via TPS platform, and the use of ImPak Health integrated devices, will be assembled and reported to the patient, family and medical professional via an EHR or PHR or both, as needed.

“Patients and caregivers are the most under utilized resource in helping to manage chronic conditions.  Our joint efforts will enable patient engagement across multiple types of conditions and technology platforms”, says Sandra Elliott, Executive Director, iMPak Health.

The first program to utilize the integrated TPS-iMPak Health technology and the iMPak Connect Portal will be the newly launched medication management solution, Kraken, an iMPak Health medication monitoring and management solution that provides a unique, user friendly alternative allowing patients and physicians to organize, track and outline prescription schedules freely and accurately. With Kraken, iMPak Health aims to simplify medication management through the combination of medication sorting with proactive, “as needed” patient reminders, and patient compliance and symptom tracking, necessary to facilitate success in today’s “performance based” payment initiatives.

About iMPak Health

Founded by Meridian Health, a leading not-for-profit health care organization in New Jersey, iMPak Health brings together the latest in wireless technology and the front-line know-how of today’s health care environment to provide consumers and patients with effective and intuitive tools to better manage their health. iMPak Health’s mission is to become a leader in developing, easy-to-use devices to screen, diagnose, and monitor health conditions.

To learn more about iMPak Health, visit www.iMPakHealth.com

About Transition Patient Services

TPS designs and delivers technology-enhanced solutions that facilitate medication access, streamline health care communication, empower patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers.  Since its founding eight years ago, TPS has provided services to patients, physicians, and hospitals in a wide range of therapeutic areas and a diverse spectrum of patient populations, helping improve outcomes and drive improvement in healthcare ROI.

To learn more about Transition Patient Services, visit www.transitionrx.com