Mission Pharmacal relaunches Lithostat

SAN ANTONIO — Mission Pharmacal announced Friday that it would be relaunching its Lithostat (acetohydroxamic acid) kidney stones treatment. The reintroduction comes as part of a partnership with a French company that supplies the drug’s active ingredients and a distribution arrangement with specialty supplier Transition Patient Services.

“The partnership with TPS enables Mission to provide a patient-friendly service and to make Lithostat available with a consistent and convenient delivery method,” Mission Pharmacal’s executive director of urological and specialty sales Steve Gornto said. “Now everyone knows how and where to get the product and related information. Mission can serve Lithostat patients and do so in an efficient way.” 

The company said that the arrangement with TPS would allow its team to reach out to urologists and nephrologists with literature on the drug and provide more information about the kidney stone treatment and how to fulfill orders for Lithostat.

“With the relaunch, Mission is doing everything we can to stand behind the patient and physician to help make sure the people who rely on Lithostat get the therapy they need,” Gornto said. 

*Source: Drug Store News : Mission Pharmacal relaunches Lithostat