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Mission Pharmacal relaunches Lithostat

SAN ANTONIO — Mission Pharmacal announced Friday that it would be relaunching its Lithostat (acetohydroxamic acid) kidney stones treatment. The reintroduction comes as part of a partnership with a French company that supplies the drug’s active ingredients and a distribution arrangement with specialty supplier Transition Patient Services.


Akrimax Pharmaceuticals Initiates CONTROL Patient Registry for Tirosint®

Akrimax Pharmaceuticals partners with TPS on the CONTROL Registry to improve patient care. The study will assess the efficacy and tolerability of Tirosint® (levothyroxine sodium) capsules in hypothyroidism patients who are inadequately controlled with, or intolerant of, traditional levothyroxine (T4) tablets.


FDA Approves SYNERA® (lidocaine and tetracaine) Topical Patch for Home Use

As part of SYNERA®’s availability for home use, Galen US has partnered with Transition Patient Services (TPS) to offer direct-to-patient home delivery of the product through the SYNERA® Now Access Program (SNAP). A health care professional can fax or e-prescribe a prescription for SYNERA® to TPS. The patient will then be contacted by a TPS pharmacist for processing and delivery information. After the call, TPS will mail SYNERA® directly to the patient.


Transition Patient Services to Support Underwood-Memorial Hospital Implementation of Care Transition Services

TREVOSE, PA – Transition Patient Services (TPS) has been selected by Underwood-Memorial Hospital, Woodbury, NJ, to help support the design and implementation of the hospital’s transition of care system. Underwood Memorial Hospital has been awarded a two-year, $300,000 grant from the R...

HIV/AIDS patient assistance foundation HarborPath teams up with TPS for the design, development, and ongoing operation of a innovative medication access system for underserved patients.

TPS Creates a Single Portal for HarborPath to Provide Uninsured Individuals Improved Access HIV/AIDS Medications   Washington, DC – July 19, 2012 – HarborPath, a new, non-profit organization, has been established to create a program that offers a single place for application...