Pharmacy Services

Innovation and Excellence in Pharmacy Services - TPS Pharmacy serves as the first-line in connecting patients with their medication. Our unmatched expertise in healthcare supply chain logistics and our innovative approach to medication access allows us to address our customer’s need to provide timely and accurate delivery of medication directly into the hands of patients. 

Our commitment to customer service excellence drives our success in creating personalized solutions for each patient, including reimbursement and delivery options that make it easier for patients to start and stay on their medication.

A Track Record of Success – For nearly a decade, TPS programs have demonstrated success, increasing medication access and adherence by over 35%, and creating a positive return on investment for our clients and increased patient satisfaction in a variety of practice settings. 

Our cloud-based informatics provide our customers with access to detailed data reports capturing fulfillment information and other important data that can be utilized to monitor and optimize program performance.



TPS has Everything Required for Successful Direct-to-Patient Medication Delivery

  • All the licenses, supplier relationships, fulfillment capabilities (including cold chain storage and shipment), and managed care contracts needed to efficiently and appropriately process prescriptions across all states, multiple managed care plans, and Medicare
  • All logistical and customer service support necessary to provide delivery of prescription and OTC products to a patient’s home or hospital bedside
  • The ability to contract or conduct business with a variety of entities in order to secure availability of all relevant products

TPS Pharmacy Services Deliver:

  • Direct-to-Patient Delivery to home or hospital bedside
  • Speed to Therapy with 24-hour turn-around capabilities
  • “First Fill” Pharmacy Network
  • Support for New Product Launches and Orphan Drugs
  • A world-class, multi-channel customer service platform
  • An integrated suite of services to support patients and caregivers
  • Exceptional customer service via a flexible combination of “live” and automated communication channels

Complete, Nationwide Insurance Support and Pharmacy HUB Services

  • “Turn Key” solutions for prescribers and patients to access licensed pharmacists, prescription benefits specialists, and customer service staff
  • “Real time” prescription data for coverage determination and benefit verification
  • Assistance with addressing coverage issues, facilitating insurance prior authorizations for physicians and staff
  • Triage services for closed coverage plans with Rx transfer to appropriate provider
  • Outbound refill reminder calls, auto-refill, auto-mail, automated notification for shipment of orders, and automated provider and patient communications

Next-Gen Patient Assistance and Co-Pay Support

  • TPS can facilitate the processing and verification of Patient Assistance Program claims via our sophisticated Patient Assistance Portal
  • TPS can design and deliver, or enhance existing Co-pay Assistance Programs by adding direct to patient delivery as a differentiator

Driving Significant Value to Patients, Providers and Brands

  • Reduced prescription abandonment and improved medication adherence
  • Preferred use of participating brands
  • Co-development of scalable models for use with key customers
  • Development of meaningful tools and messages that drive sales within emerging practice models