Transition Medication Management Tools

TPS tools are built using our proprietary modular design providing increased flexibility in program development, reduced implementation time, and lower program costs.

Pharmacy Services  - Your first-line in connecting patients with their medication

AssureCare  - Provide you with the effective solutions to support medication adherence and achieve the desired patient outcomes with greater assurance. 

Patient Journey Card  - The first card that can identify and address prescription abandonment and non-adherence, and deliver “real time” patient communication

PREP Education  - Its like CME for patients, with personalized patient and caregiver education, integrated testing, and reward capabilities

GoodPatient  - A comprehensive reward system that emphasizes proper use of medication, patient education, and active participation in programs designed to improve outcomes

TPS evidence-based programs have demonstrated success increasing medication access and adherence by over 35%, reducing avoidable hospital readmissions by as much as 40%, and creating a positive return on investment for our clients.