PT Journey Card

The TPS Patient Journey Card – More Than Just a Co-Pay Card – A traditional co-pay card can only provide a vehicle for delivering a discount to patients and gathering limited patient information.  TPS has designed a custom debit card that functions as a unique, multipurpose tool for program registration, patient activity tracking, co-pay reduction and reward redemption.  In addition, the Patient Journey Card has integrated AssureCare™ technology allowing targeted, “real time” data exchange and point-of-service communications to be triggered by card use and delivered exactly when an individual is in need.

The TPS Patient Journey Card, with integrated AssureCare™ has the power to deliver increased return on investment:

  • Identify and address prescription abandonment and non-adherence
  • Deliver “real time” patient feedback to healthcare providers and caregivers
  • Track and report patient healthcare activities and healthy behaviors
  • Act as “point of service” for reward programs and patient support services

Capture patient data and provide rewards for medical registries